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I Am a Feminist

Heard in passing, “I am a feminist. I believe in the equality of men and women. -Sophie, open your own damn door!

To purposely encourage more women to enter into politics is not equality, it is reverse gender discrimination and is probably having the opposite effect than intended. Every EDA meeting I have ever attended has had 3 times as many men in attendance than women. Why? Just as every school parents meeting will be attended by more women than men. There is obviously a family connection taking place. Not that men do not care for their families or women have less regard for politics, it is the reality of gender roles taking precedence and no amount of “feminist” activity is going to change that. Women are exceedingly more likely to choose their families over a temporary political career.

Federal Election 2015 elected the highest number of female MPs ever. In total, 88 women were elected – 50 for the Liberals, 18 for the NDP, 17 for the Conservatives, two for the BQ and one for the Green Party but, due to the increase in the number of MPs, still only represent 26 per cent of the total MPs in the House of Commons – almost the exact proportion of female MPs when the election was called on Aug. 2 and 27 per cent of the Liberal caucus even though women comprised 31 per cent of the Liberal candidates.

Justin Trudeau can gender balance the cabinet and gender balance appointments to boards but, what does it prove? Good for optics, he will receive much applause but are many of the majority of men who were elected, who just may be more qualified or deserving, being overlooked? If so it was not the best choice. Just because it’s 2015 is not a valid reason.

Is there really equality between women and men? Women firefighters receive the same pay as their male co-workers, great, so they should. Equal pay for equal work. What then if the majority of male firefighters choose a sexually explicit movie for movie night at the fire house. Should the female firefighters be legitimately offended? If so, are they really equal?

What does it say about Justin’s gender equality stance when the overwhelming majority of ‘selfie’ requests are from women? …and little is done to improve the balance?

Society cannot force gender equality mainly because it is unrealistic and untrue. Women will always choose to enhance their sex appeal through make-up, clothes and demeanor just as men will always attempt to improve their masculinity. That is nature and that is a fight society will lose every time.

Would it not be better for girls to be brought up as ladies and boys to be gentlemen both with respect and honor for each other and the opposite sex?  Vive les différences entre les enfants!