October 19 2015, the citizens of Canada elected a new regime to be at the controls of government. It has been well over 100 days at time of writing that Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party have been elected into power. I will confess, I voted Liberal, mainly as the party to defeat Harper and Co. Did I make a mistake in voting Liberal last October 19? No! I believe Canada has now an opportunity to do politics right.

Justin Trudeau promised Canada an honest, transparent and fair administration (every political party promises the same) hopefully this time will be different and Canada will fare much better and they will at least make an honest effort to do as they vowed. PM Trudeau dubbed his new administration as “Sunny Ways” hence I have called this site “Sunny Chat” in hopes that this will be an encouragement to government and all MPs and to all Canadians in that the aim is not to be negative but positive.

Criticism where criticism is due but not to criticize just to be critical but to offer a better alternative or to ask honest questions.

For those who would keep the government to account by counting promises kept and promises broken may I suggest the Trudeau Metre, “a non-partisan collaborative citizen initiative that tracks his performance with regards to his electoral platform.”