Affect Or Effect

Affect is usually a verb, and effect is usually a noun. To affect something is to change or influence it, and an effect is something that happens due to a cause. When you affect something, it produces an effect.

Say these sentences out loud:
“What was the ‘ffect of leaving the door open?”
“It is important to take cause and ‘ffect into consideration.”
“An early frost will ‘ffect the garden.”
“How ‘ffected are you by this lesson?”
“The integrity was ‘ffected when the elastic in the strap broke.”
“The man was very ecentric and his ‘ffect on his house was eclectic to say the least.”
“The lightning ‘ffected the electric panel in the basement.”
“How elaborative was his description? But, was it ‘ffective?”
“When the moon has the earth’s shadow cast upon it, the ‘ffect is called lunar eclipse.”
“The number of destroyed ballots obviosly ‘ffected the election.”
“The ‘ffect was to lessen the efficiency of the structure.”
“The contests ‘ffected the results by eliminating last place at various points along the way.”
“The attempt to ‘ffect the flow of effluent and its resulting affluents inland will ‘ffect settlements upstream.”
“Only the elite will be ‘ffected by the elimination of tax ‘ffects on income.”
“You can take an elixer to effuse the ‘ffects of your cold.”
“Queen Elizabeth was not ‘ffected by the elaborate display of egression.”
“Who else was ‘ffected by the elusive oft-times elevated eluviation?”
“How many elements did they take into account and did it ‘ffect the outcome?”
“He was emasculated by the ‘ffect of the eleventh grade ordeal.”
“She was ‘ffected by a feeling of ennui.”

Irregardless of education or job many people, TV hosts especially, pronounce many “e” words incorrectly mostly pronouncing the “e” as “ah” as in “election” many say “alection” or “alectric”, acentric, alaborate, aclipse, afficient, alimination, alixer, Alizabeth, alusive, amasculated, aleventh and the word few get right, “ennui” pronounced “on’wee”, meaning listlessness, boredom. Perhaps she should change her purscripshun – and by the way, “Irregardless” is not a word.

Very few people pronounce “Effect” and “Affect” properly, or for that matter few really knew the difference between the two. -and by the way, I was terrible at english in high school, it ‘ffected my grades.


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